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Outdoor and patio solar protection

ZIP track or regular window blinds, conservatory blinds, patio awnings, shade sails, pergola canopies — whether you are contemplating installing outdoor blinds in your office or your home, or just thinking about summer-proofing your patio, our Soltis solar protection line is just what you need: long-lasting and high-performance fabrics available in an array of colours to meet your every need.

Why should I sunproof my exterior or patio?

Your exterior an extension of your living space, a place where you can relax and spend time with the people you love. So, you should be able to enjoy it throughout the year, regardless of chilly temperatures or sweltering heat, lashing rain or roaring wind.

For year-round protection from the weather, outdoor solar protection is just the answer. It will help regulate temperatures inside your home and provide shade on your patio. Its many benefits include:

Prevention of heat gain indoors: outdoor window or conservatory blinds keep sun rays from hitting the glazing directly, preventing temperature surges indoors. Using solar protection will help your home stay cool in the summer and conserve heat during winter months — a great way to save money on your energy bills.

Protection against UV and weather: exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light — even over short periods of time — may cause skin damage and eye lesions. Outdoor solar protection allows you to enjoy the sun safely! Some screens even integrate innovative textile technology for enhanced protection against the wind and rain.

Privacy: depending on your needs, you may opt for solar protection fabrics that maintain views to outside or completely block out visibility, shielding you from unwanted eyes.

Elevated windows and outdoor settings: with a host of different solutions available, you can design a stylish and welcoming space that feels right for relaxing and spending quality time outdoors with family and friends.

Aesthetic, durable and resistant: discover our Soltis line

Developed by Serge Ferrari Group, our Soltis line includes more than fifteen options designed for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Soltis solar protection fabrics are flexible composite membranes — i.e. specially coated polyester fabrics. Intended for use by both professionals and individual homeowners, our Soltis line will allow you to create elegant window treatments and curate outdoor settings to your image, for a perfectly tailored exterior retreat.

Woven using our Précontraint® technology, Soltis fabrics deliver long-lasting resistance against weather influences and are not susceptible to warping or tearing. Each product in our Soltis line has been designed for a specific use:

  • glare protection;
  • opacity up to 140,000 lux;
  • thermal comfort;
  • weather resistance;
  • watertightness;
  • UV resistance and colour-fastness.

Options to cater to all outdoor applications

Fabrics from our Soltis line are suitable for all types of outdoor applications. The line includes solutions for: