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Explore our Soltis line of composite fabrics to keep you sheltered from the sun and create elevated patio settings with stunning indoor or outdoor blinds.

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From California blinds, Japanese panel blinds and Roman roof blinds to retractable awning valances, shade sails, privacy screens, etc. — there are a myriad indoor and outdoor solar protection solutions on the market. Explore our Soltis line of composite fabrics to keep you sheltered from the sun and add a stylish element to your home and/or patio!

Why do I need solar protection?

Solar protection screens shield you against the sunlight for both thermal and visual comfort. Indoor solutions, including roller blinds, Japanese panel blinds and Roman roof blinds, help filter natural light, protecting you against glare and ensuring privacy from outside. In the summer, they keep high temperatures at bay to maintain a cool home, while in the winter, they reduce heat loss and contribute to enhanced thermal insulation. A great way to reduce your energy bills and save money!

Outdoor and patio solar protection screens are perfect to shield you from the weather. UV filtration, light control, protection against wind, rain and the cool night air — patio awnings, pergola canopies and shade sails will be your best allies for warmer, more welcoming and more personalised exteriors, allowing you to spend more time outside on summer evenings.

What are the benefits of Soltis fabrics?

Developed by Serge Ferrari Group, our Soltis line consists of flexible composite membranes woven from polyester fibres and specially coated. Dedicated to both professionals and individual homeowners, Soltis solar protection fabrics combine quality with high performance, and are intended for both indoor and outdoor applications.

With a broad range of products available, our Soltis line has the perfect solar protection screen for each and everyone. It offers solutions available in multiple colourways and includes fabrics with an array of properties:

  • optimal light control to prevent glare and increase visual comfort;
  • transparency to maintain views to outside;
  • gradual opacity to ensure privacy;
  • enhanced thermal and acoustic comfort;
  • UV and fading resistance (long-term colour-fastness);
  • watertightness for some products;
  • resistance to weather and mould;
  • resistance to warping and tearing.