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Soltis, your solar protection fabric

Welcome into the world of the Soltis brand to discover all the solar protection fabrics designed to improve your comfort and enhance your home. Each Soltis product is able to meet your most demanding requirements, for all your residential and commercial projects.
Find the Soltis that suits you in order to furnish your interiors as well as your outdoor spaces.

Soltis, unequalled durability

What makes Soltis so unique ? The durability of our products.

Soltis uses 3 unique patented technologies to ensure the longevity of its products


The Precontraint technology

This unique technology enables us to produce flexible composite materials with outstanding characteristics far beyond the standards of our industry.
Patented worldwide, Serge Ferrari’s Precontraint® technology starts with a high-tenacity polyester base cloth that is kept under tension in both warp and weft throughout the entire manufacturing cycle.
Coating applied delivers excellent UV protection – preserving a uniform color throughout all its life cycle – and better resistance to dirt.

Smart Yarn

Smart Yarn technology

The Smart Yarn technology consists in sheathing high tenacity polyester yarns to achieve improved UV resistance and mechanical properties.
Designed to last and withstand the weather, it has been used for decades in some of the most dynamic markets such as solar protection – Soltis® – and outdoor furniture – Batyline®.
These technical fabrics will bring a unique and modern design to your home (Soltis Touch) and to your
terrace (Soltis Veozip) thanks to their trendy color range.

smart coating

Smart Coating Technology

Smart Coating technology enables the manufacture of products with advanced properties through the use of a wide variety of polymers.
It allows the use of different core yarns (polyester, recycled polyester, glass fiber…) and offers a wide range of functionalities – transparent, dim-out and blackout.
These fabrics meet the most demanding environmental and safety standards, in particular with greater fire resistance.


Designed for architect - made for your home

Soltis, Designed for architects, Made for your home

Soltis, customised solar protection solutions

Meeting every need
Our Soltis fabrics are adapted to meet every need, allowing areas to be created that provide protection from the heat of the sun and inclement weather. They also offer long-term resistance to UV and aggressive climatic conditions. Soltis fabrics are available in a wide range of colours to match your environments.


pergola en toile serge ferrari Group Soltis Veozip
toile de store intérieure serge ferrari group
Pergolas en toile soltis
japanese shutters in soltis fabric

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A CShR approach aligned with the company’s strategy

Transforming the Group’s industrial model to make it sustainable.
– Low-impact production sites
– Eco-designed products (Loop range,etc.)
– Alternative solutions to anticipate tomorrow’s world (new markets)

To achieve this, the Group relies on its main resource: People.

CSR = CShR® by Serge Ferrari

An ambitious, pragmatic and regulatory combined approach:
1- Low-carbon approach: creating alternative, less impactful and more virtuous solutions.
2- Resources approach: sobriety in energy use, ethical purchasing and industrial efficiency.
This double focus, measured and monitored internally by the +=0 standard, is the expression of our commitment: DO BETTER WITH LESS.


Find more about our CSR approach