Solar protection

Soltis B28100 Safe

An elegant solar protection solution for offices & homes.


Sample of B28100 Safe Beige



Light grey color fabric

Light grey


Sample of Soltis B28100 Safe Color Light Beige

Light beige


Sample of B28100 Safe Medim grey

Medium grey


Sample of B28100 Safe Color Dark grey

Dark grey


Advantages Advantages

Thermal comfort

Glare control

Fire resistance visual

Fire resistance

More informations

Facade blinds
Roller blinds
Smart Coating Technology 5-year warranty

As per the fire protection standards, building materials are categorized into various classes based on their fire behavior and fire resistance. Key criteria for these classifications include flammability, speed of fire spread, and smoke production.

This material was specifically engineered to comply with the A2 class fire protection criteria according to the DIN 4102 standard, which is considered for skyscrapers.

According to AEAI guidelines, Soltis B28100 has been designated as RF1, aligning with the safety regulations for buildings taller than 30 meters.