Soltis 622 Opaque : Pergola pour Terrasse avec Protection Totale

Fixed pergola canopies

A popular fixture in contemporary outdoor settings, pergolas are a type of ventilated, open-air structure used to create additional shelter within a garden. Learn more about our Soltis line of fabrics dedicated to pergola canopies and keep yourself protected from bad weather and other outdoor influences in every season!

What are fixed pergola canopies?

Fixed-roof pergolas are a type of open-air structure that can be installed in any outdoor context — whether on a patio or in a garden. It is used to delineate an outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy time with family and friends, while being sheltered from the sun’s rays and weather.

Canopies for a garden pergola come in a variety of materials: iron, wood, aluminium, PVC or fabric. In addition to ultra-light weight, another advantage of a fabric canopy is that it facilitates natural ventilation under the pergola, providing enhanced comfort — especially during heatwaves. This type of canopy is permanently attached to the top frame of the pergola and, depending on the system you will choose, may also be retractable.

What makes a good pergola canopy?

To make the most of your pergola all year round and for years to come, it’s important to choose a sturdy, durable and quality frame and fabric. Make sure the fabric you pick for your pergola canopy is:

  • resistant to UV rays and fading;
  • resilient to weather conditions (rain, wind, snow);
  • watertight;
  • easy to clean and maintain.

Why are Soltis fabrics a leading solution on the market?

Developed by Serge Ferrari Group, our Soltis solar protection line consists of flexible polyester-woven and specially coated membranes. Our Soltis line includes multiple options for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Soltis fabrics are resistant and durable, and come in a range of colours to suit your personal interior and exterior style. Depending on your needs, each product will offer specific properties:

  • heat protection;
  • breathability;
  • glare protection;
  • natural light;
  • opacity up to 140,000 lux;
  • watertightness.

To sunproof your pergola, find out more about Soltis 96 Color. With its micro-breathable surface, it effectively blocks heat while maintaining optimal natural ventilation. It is also highly resistant to UV rays, for outstanding colour-fastness over time.

Are you looking for a fabric that combines watertight weatherproofing with natural light? Soltis 96 Proof is the product you need! This lightweight, transparent solution protects both from UV rays and weather influences, while also preserving ambient light levels.

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