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Conservatory and glass roof blinds

Decorative and practical, conservatory and glass roof blinds keep you protected from the sun, the heat and the cold all year round. Explore our Soltis line of composite fabrics for conservatories and glass roofs!

What are conservatory and glass roof blinds?

If your home has a conservatory or a glass roof, you’re no doubt well aware of issues like overheating and excessive light, especially during the summer. Luckily, dedicated solutions exist to insulate large glazed surfaces and prevent a greenhouse effect.

Outdoor solutions, including roller blinds, can be installed on your conservatory glass roof or walls. Using fabrics specially developed to block the sun’s rays, heat and/or rain, outdoor conservatory blinds protect you from any weather-related inconvenience, while also enhancing the design of the space. A simple solution that will allow you to make the most of your conservatory, glass roof or patio throughout the year!

Conservatory and glass roof blinds may be motorised and operated via a remote control, so you can easily roll them out or roll them away whenever you want or whenever required by the weather.

How do I choose my conservatory or glass roof blinds?

Because they cover the glazing from outside, outdoor conservatory and glass roof blinds must be chosen and maintained with care, as they will be directly exposed to weather influences.

For long-lasting blinds, it is crucial to opt for a sturdy and durable quality fabric. Choose materials specifically developed for this purpose, that will be able to withstand weather-induced stress, shelter you from the sun, prevent heat gain in the summer, and insulate you from the cold in the winter.

What are the benefits of the Soltis line?

Developed by Serge Ferrari Group, our Soltis line of outdoor solar protection fabrics combines the benefits of a high-resistance polyester weave with polymer coatings.

Soltis fabrics are available in a broad range of colours. They are designed to deliver high levels of technical performance and address a variety of consumer needs:

  • protection against glare and visual comfort;
  • opacity up to 140,000 lux;
  • thermal insulation and resistance to high temperature variations;
  • mechanical resistance to wind and other weather influences thanks to our Précontraint® technology;
  • fouling resistance;
  • high colour fastness to UV rays.

To sunproof your conservatory or glass roof, read about Soltis 86 Color and Alu, which maintains unparalleled visibility to outside and provides comfortable amounts of natural light indoors to promote well-being. Also available in Color and Alu versions is Soltis 92, which effectively acts as a thermal barrier blocking up to 97% of heat. With 38 colourways to choose from, this micro-perforated screen delivers the best thermal performance and will elegantly enhance your conservatory or glass roof.

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