Windbreaks and privacy screens

Are you dreaming of enjoying a relaxing afternoon in your garden or on your balcony, shielded from unwanted eyes and the weather? Opt for a windbreak or privacy screen! Read about the properties of our Soltis fabrics, developed to provide maximum performance and visual comfort.

What are windbreaks and privacy screens?

Windbreaks and privacy screens are a type of outdoor screens used to create a perimeter around a patio or balcony. As the name suggests, a windbreak acts as a shield against the wind to either stop completely or significantly hinder the flow of air. Privacy screens on the other hand are used as a visual barrier to ensure privacy.

Both solutions may be attached to the wall of your house or apartment and can protect you from the wind and sun. In addition to practicality, windbreaks and privacy screens can also provide an elegant solution to elevate your exteriors.

How do I find the right outdoor windbreak or privacy screen for me?

The fabric is a fundamental element to consider when choosing a windbreak or privacy screen. So, make sure the material is suitable for outdoor use, meets your needs and is of sufficient quality to last over time.

If you are looking to purchase a privacy screen, be particularly mindful of the weight of the fabric. This is the criterion that will determine the screen’s opacity (low, medium, high, total). And opt preferably for composite materials: our Précontraint® technology ensures durable resistance against repeated manipulation and weather influences (rain, UV, wind), with no risk of tearing or warping. Additionally, composite screens are recognised for their excellent performance as thermal insulators.

What makes Soltis fabrics so special?

For more than 50 years, Serge Ferrari Group has designed, developed and manufactured innovative composite fabrics for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Our Soltis solar protection line offers a range of high-quality micro-breathable specially coated fabrics woven from synthetic fibres. Manufactured using our Précontraint® technology and available in a wide choice of colours, Soltis fabrics are sturdy enough to resist UV rays and fading, wind, rain and other weather influences. Depending on your needs, our Soltis line can provide thermal comfort, glare protection, natural light, opacity or weatherproofing.

Are you considering installing a windbreak or privacy screen? Find out more about Soltis Perform 92, which combines thermal and visual protection. Its micro-perforated structure facilitates natural ventilation, preventing heat build-up. Soltis 92 also provides natural light and ensures privacy, while maintaining complete visibility to outside.

For your windbreak or privacy screen, you might also be interested in Soltis Proof 502. This highly resistant membrane is completely waterproof, keeping you sheltered from bad weather and UV rays

As with any home improvement work, installation of a privacy screen may be subject to local regulations. Before installing one on your patio or balcony, we recommend enquiring with local planning authorities, who will be able to offer guidance on approval processes or suggest alternative solutions if necessary.

If your home is part of a commonhold, please be aware that installing a privacy screen may inconvenience neighbours or homeowners rules. You should therefore enquire with your commonhold association prior to any work.

To have a privacy screen installed, please get in touch with a member of our Serge Ferrari Premium Partner professional network. In addition to providing guidance on whichever solutions are best suited to your situation, they will be able to install your windbreak or privacy screen for you, ensuring a longer-lasting quality result.

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