Fall arm awnings anthracite and black

Drop-arm awnings

Alongside timeless appeal, drop-arm awnings provide highly effective solar protection. Explore our Soltis line of dedicated composite fabrics to shade a window or balcony!

What are drop-arm awnings?

Drop-arm awnings — also known as ‘fixed-arm awnings’ or ‘Italian awnings’ — are particularly well suited to sunproofing smaller windows and balconies individually. With their understated design, they will bring a fresh and elegant Mediterranean feel to a building’s exterior.

Drop-arm awnings are hung above a window to provide shade. On each side, a support arm is fastened to the wall or the window frame, connecting to the awning’s main front beam. The slope of the awning can easily be adjusted, either manually or using a remote control, simply by changing the orientation of the arms:

  • 90 degrees for shade;
  • 120 degrees for half-light;
  • 180 degrees for darkness.

How do I find the right drop-arm awnings for me?

When considering purchasing drop-arm awnings, the following criteria should be taken into account:

Fabric quality: The fabric used for your drop-arm awning must be sturdy and meet your needs for transparency, opacity, waterproofing, protection against heat and weather, etc.

Valance: The valance is a usually removable flap of fabric that hangs down from the front edge of the awning. Its bottom line can be either straight or scalloped. In addition to adding a decorative flair, awning valances are also a practical element that will shield you from low-angle direct sunlight.

Framework: The arms and main front beam should be sturdy enough and ensure optimal tension of the fabric.

Automation: Two possibilities exist for lowering or raising your drop-arm awning: manual or electric command (using a remote control or wall switch).

Why choose Soltis fabrics?

Soltis is a line of composite fabrics developed by Serge Ferrari Group. Our Soltis solar protection line consists of specially coated, flexible polyester-woven membranes.

Designed for both outdoor and indoor applications, Soltis fabrics are ideally suited to drop-arm awnings. Depending on your needs, they will provide:

  • glare management;
  • opacity up to 140,000 lux;
  • heat protection for thermal comfort;
  • long-life resistance to weather thanks to our Précontraint® technology;
  • resistance to fouling;
  • durability against UV exposure and excellent colour-fastness over time.

For generous amounts of natural light, read about Soltis 86 Color and Alu. Even with the awning all the way down, this screen will maintain perfect views to outside. It will even help you save money on your energy bills, with reduced reliance on artificial lighting.

And if you hope to combine transparency with thermal comfort, Soltis 88 Color is the perfect choice for you. Its micro-perforated surface facilitates natural ventilation and allows you to enjoy views to outside, while delivering optimal solar protection at the same time.

Drop-arm awnings are particularly well suited to shield smaller balconies and windows from the sun’s rays.

Folding-arm awnings on the other hand are able to cover larger surfaces and are the preferred sunproofing option for patios, allowing you to make the most of your exteriors with family and friends during the summer.

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