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Outdoor window blinds

Are you looking for a solution to protect your home from the sun and keep your home cool when temperatures are peaking? Outdoor window blinds are the perfect option for you! So, opt for Soltis fabrics which combine aesthetic appeal with high resistance!

What are outdoor window blinds?

Outdoor window blinds are a sunproofing solution which covers the glazing from outside, to absorb the sun’s rays before they reach the panes, thereby delivering highly effective solar and thermal protection while maintaining comfortable levels of natural light inside the room. Protected from outside, the glazing is less exposed to heat, keeping your interior nice and cool.

Constantly exposed to the elements, outdoor window blinds are designed to be highly resistant to weather conditions. UV, rain, strong winds, etc. – they can take it all! They are also a very aesthetic solution, that will nicely complement the exteriors of your home or office building.

What should I look for when buying outdoor window blinds?

The fabric of your outdoor window blinds will be directly exposed to the weather all year round, which is why it is crucial to choose a quality, durable and resistant fabric that will not lose its shape over time.

You should also make sure the fabric you pick caters to your needs: protection against heat, filtered natural light, complete opacity or visibility to outside.

What makes Soltis fabrics so special?

With an abundance of products to choose from, our Soltis line includes fabrics for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Soltis solar protection fabrics are high-quality micro-breathable textiles woven from synthetic polyester fibres and specially coated — with a PVC coating in some cases. Thanks to our Précontraint® technology, Soltis fabrics offer durable resilience to weather conditions (rain, UV, wind) and resistance to both warping and tearing.

Available in a wide range of colours, Soltis fabrics are able to meet various consumer needs:

  • visual protection against glare;
  • opacity up to 140,000 lux;
  • heat protection for thermal comfort;
  • strong resilience against weather conditions;
  • resistance to UV and colour-fading.

Are you considering investing in outdoor window blinds ? Learn more about Soltis 86 in Color and Alu versions. Even with the blinds all the way down, this screen delivers unparalleled views to outside and ambient light levels that promote wellbeing. Alternatively, Soltis 92 Color and Alu blocks 97% of heat to provide optimal comfort even on the hottest summer days.

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