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Retractable awning valances

Are you thinking about buying an awning for your patio so you can enjoy the summer outdoors? Inspired idea! Awnings are a particularly efficient and practical solution to protect you from UV rays. But to achieve full protection, even when the sun is low, it might be worthwhile to consider adding a useful feature: a retractable valance.

What are awning valances?

A valance is a long, narrow flap of fabric found along the front edge of some canopies and awnings. It is an optional feature which you don’t need to pay for if you don’t feel like you need one. There are however practical advantages to having an adjustable valance on your awning.

The main purpose of the valance is to provide additional protection, especially for homes with certain orientations and exposures. Once rolled down, the vertical drop of the retractable awning valance effectively shields you from the low sun (in the mornings and evenings) and significantly increases the shaded area on your patio. It also improves users’ thermal and visual comfort, reducing perceived temperatures and glare.

In addition, retractable awning valances serve an aesthetic purpose as they conceal the frame of the awning, adding a modern element to the design. Valances come in all shapes, colours and materials, to suit any taste and style.

Business owners may also find an awning valance useful for advertising purposes. It is in fact an ideal solution to display text, like the name of a company or restaurant, on your awning.

How do I pick my awning valance?

Awning valances play a key role in enhancing protection from your awning. When choosing your awning valance, be sure to pick a quality fabric that will effectively shield you from UV rays, heat and glare. We recommend micro-perforated fabrics, which maintain views to outside and facilitate natural ventilation.

Note that the valance is the element of your awning most susceptible to damage, as it will have to sustain the greatest exposure to the elements. For longer-lasting awning valances, we recommend heights no greater than 20 to 25 cm (standard height) to prevent tearing. You should also feel free to remove it during winter to prevent damage.

What are the advantages of Soltis fabrics?

Developed by Serge Ferrari Group, our Soltis line of solar protection fabrics consists of specially coated polyester-woven membranes. The line includes an array of products for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Depending on your needs, Soltis fabrics for retractable awning valances will provide:

  • thermal comfort;
  • natural light;
  • glare protection;
  • a broad palette of colours.

For your retractable awning valance, read more about Soltis 88! This transparent micro-perforated screen ensures perfect views to outside thanks to its regular weave, and delivers improved thermal comfort, blocking up to 88% of heat.

It is not usually possible to install a retractable valance to the front beam of an old awning, as the extra weight may damage the structure.

If you are considering installing a retractable awning valance, we strongly recommend getting in touch with a member of our Serge Ferrari Premium Partner professional network who will be able to answer all your questions.

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