Pergola en Soltis Veozip

Pergola side blinds

Pergolas are a type of open-air shading structure usually found in gardens or on patios. Are you looking for solutions to stay safe from the sun, shield yourself from unwanted eyes or simply enjoy a bit of cool air in the height of summer? Your best option is to upgrade your pergola with side blinds! Explore our Soltis line of solar protection fabrics for pergola side blinds.

What are pergola side blinds?

Side blinds are an optional feature that can be added on one, two, three or even all sides of your pergola. Set within a metal frame, vertical pergola blinds are retractable and can be operated manually or electrically by means of a switch or remote control. You may also opt for ZIP track pergola blinds — the perfect choice to protect any side of your pergola.
The main purpose of pergola side blinds is to manage exposure to the sun’s rays, for both visual comfort and thermal regulation. Pergola side blinds offer protection against UV rays, provide thermal and acoustic insulation, and ensure privacy from unwanted eyes.
Pergola side blinds are also recognised for their resistance to strong winds and rain. And in addition to being highly functional, they make a striking visual statement and are entirely customisable to match any personal style.

What should I look for when buying pergola side blinds?

For pergola side blinds that will last longer and perform to your expectations, the choice of fabric is crucial. Be aware that quality screen fabrics should combine the following four characteristics:
protection against UV rays, glare, heat and weather;
resistance to tearing and mould;

  • comfort — fabrics used for roller blinds should not cause heat build-up or hinder air flow;
  • aesthetic — the fabric should be both visually pleasing and user-friendly.

We particularly recommend what is known as micro-perforated fabrics. These sturdy and resistant solutions are not susceptible to humidity or mould, and deliver high solar protection performance.

What are the benefits of Soltis fabrics?

Our Soltis line includes more than 15 options for both indoor and outdoor applications. Developed by Serge Ferrari Group, our Soltis solar protection fabrics are woven from polyester yarn and specially coated.

Soltis screens for pergola blinds are manufactured using our Précontraint® technology, which delivers remarkable strength and outstanding dimensional stability. These high-performance fabrics are strong enough to resist UV rays and fading, wind, rain and other weather influences.

Depending on your needs, they may also provide natural light, opacity up to 140,000 lux, glare protection and thermal comfort. Easy to maintain, Soltis screen fabrics are distinguished by their smooth surface and resistance to tearing and warping.

To upgrade your pergola with side blinds, learn more about Soltis Veozip. Developed specifically for ZIP systems, this matt, woven screen will add an elegant and welcoming feel to your pergola. Not only will it act as a windbreak and maintain views to outside, it will also preserve comfortable ambient light levels while you enjoy optimal thermal comfort.

You may conversely opt for Soltis 96 Proof, a translucent and watertight screen fabric offering enhanced protection against UV rays and weather influences, as well as generous amounts of natural light. Its smooth surface will also prevent fouling for easier maintenance.

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