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Indoor solar protection

Roller blinds, vertical blinds, Japanese panel blinds and interior Roman roof blinds: discover our Soltis line of indoor solar protection fabrics, for practical and aesthetic solutions to shield your home or office from the sun!

Do I really need indoor solar protection?

Upgrade you home with solar protection to achieve total control of ambient light! Whether at home or in the office, indoor solar protection provides multiple benefits, including:

Ambient light management. Solar protection lets you adjust ambient light levels inside your home. Solutions come in a range of fabrics with varying degrees of transparency to ensure privacy from outside and filtered natural light.

Striking window treatments. Designed to adapt to a variety of environments, solar protection fabrics come in multiple weaves, styles and colours to fulfil all your interior design fantasies.

Reduced energy use. Indoor solar protection allows you to control temperature levels inside a room. During the summer, it protects you from the searing sun, while in winter, it keeps you insulated from the cold. As such, it promotes lower reliance on air conditioning and artificial lighting, helping you save money on your energy bills!

Much more than simple sunproofing: learn about our Soltis line

Developed by Serge Ferrari Group, Soltis is a line of composite fabrics dedicated to both interior and exterior solar protection applications.

Our Soltis line of solar protection fabrics combines the benefits of a high-resistance polyester weave with polymer coatings. Delivering ultra-high performance, Soltis fabrics are specially developed to meet a host of consumer needs — from glare protection, transparency and opacity, to thermal and acoustic comfort.

In addition to high resistance and durability, Soltis fabrics also offer visual interest to enhance your interior ! Available in a broad palette of colours, they will blend seamlessly into any environment, bringing a modern feel to your home.

The various types of indoor solar protection

The Soltis line of solar protection fabrics can be used to manufacture a variety of interior window treatments. On our website, you will find options for: