japanese shutters in soltis fabric

Japanese panel blinds

Combining style with function, Japanese panel blinds are well-liked for the calming atmosphere they create. Learn more about our Soltis line of composite fabrics dedicated to Japanese panel blinds.

What are Japanese panel blinds?

Japanese panel blinds are a Westernised adaptation of sliding screen partitions used inside traditional Japanese homes. Consisting of an array of textile panels moving independently from one another, they shield your interior from the sun, heat and unwanted eyes.

With their highly decorative appeal, Japanese panel blinds are a great choice to dress a small window or a whole picture window, bringing a clean, zen feel to any room. Furthermore, with fabrics available in a variety of colours and opacity factors, you are free to play with transparency to achieve a softer, more refined look.

What criteria should I consider when purchasing Japanese panel blinds?

The choice of material is an essential element to consider when it comes to sliding Japanese panel blinds, as the fabric is not only expected to filter light, but also reduce heat transfers. Depending on your needs, you may choose one of several types of screens for your Japanese panel blinds:

  • a shade screen will filter natural light, ensure privacy, and create a soft, cosy atmosphere;
  • a sheer screen will maintain full natural light while also shielding you from unwanted eyes;
  • a blackout screen will allow you to achieve complete darkness once in position.

Why opt for Soltis fabrics?

Soltis is a line of long-lasting composite fabrics developed for both indoor and outdoor solar protection applications. Depending on your needs, Soltis fabrics may provide transparency, glare protection, thermal comfort or acoustic comfort.

Read more about Soltis Loop Sunmate Colour, the first generation of indoor solar protection fabric made from 100% recycled materials. Available in a variety of colours, it ensures privacy, filters natural light and blocks up to 91% of heat. If however you are looking for a blackout screen for a bedroom, our Soltis 99 Opaque Alu is the solution you need. This thin and light fabric delivers opacity up to 140,000 lux.

Dust both sides of each panel using a feather duster.

Clean the fabric with warm water and (preferably natural) soap using a damp cloth.

Wipe gently and rinse with clear water.

Remove any excess water using a dry cloth and hang to dry.

For more information, you can also get in touch with a professional from our Serge Ferrari Premium Partner network.

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