Roman roof blinds

Are you looking for a solution to sunproof a skylight? Widely used for conservatory and glass roofs, Roman roof blinds are a practical and elegant solution that will suit any type of interior. For effective and long-lasting Roman roof blinds, choose Soltis fabrics!

What are Roman roof blinds?

Roman roof blinds are a type of solar protection adapted from canopies used in ancient Rome. Originally, these wide lengths of fabric were suspended over the stands of open-air arenas and theatres to provide shade for the audience.

Today, Roman roof blinds are the perfect solution to sunproof a conservatory or to dress a skylight. It is an aesthetic solution that effectively blocks the sun’s rays and regulates indoor temperatures.

A Roman roof blind consists of a length of fabric hung from suspension rings and stretched horizontally along fixed rails by a system of cables. The addition of side cables ensures seamless manoeuvrability: simply pull out or pull away using an extendable rod.

What should I look for when shopping for Roman roof blinds?

When choosing Roman roof blinds, the fundamental element to consider is the fabric. The material has to be effective, sturdy and visually pleasing. Depending on your needs, several types of screens are available:

Shade screen: the perfect textile-feel screen to elegantly complement a skylight, providing comfortable ambient light and shielding you from unwanted eyes.

Blackout screen: a fully opaque fabric that will block out natural light to achieve complete darkness within a room.

Energy-efficient screen: a heat-blocking fabric ensuring thermal comfort in any season. It will prevent heat gain during the summer and insulate you from the cold in the winter.

Why choose Soltis fabrics?

Our Soltis line of high-performance solar protection fabrics offers an array of specially coated polyester-woven membranes. Available in a broad range of colours, Soltis fabrics are suitable for any type of solar protection solution, both indoor and outdoor systems.

Depending on your needs, you may choose screens for:

  • glare protection;
  • transparency;
  • opacity up to 140,000 lux;
  • thermal comfort;
  • acoustic comfort.

Are you looking for fabric for a Roman roof blind in a bedroom? Soltis Opaque B99 is the ideal solution: it will allow you to cover a skylight and achieve complete darkness.

Offering a more natural woven look, Soltis Touch delivers both thermal protection and excellent views to outside. It also absorbs sound for maximum comfort.

Another worthwhile option to look into is Soltis Loop Sunmate Colour. Manufactured from 100% recycled materials, it filters light, maintains privacy and blocks up to 91% of heat.

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