Budapest’s Agora building is dressed in the artistic essence of Soltis Touch Color

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Art Front Hungary Kft


In the immediate vicinity of Budapest’s old quarter, in the heart of the city’s thirteenth district, stands the recently completed Agora Tower. Rising to a height of almost 65 metres above ground level, it occupies a total surface area of 36,000 m², spread over no less than sixteen levels. In addition to extensive areas for professional collaboration, the building is specially designed to house the offices of the Raiffeisen bank, as well as those of the Stada Group, one of the giants of the German pharmaceutical industry.
The construction of the Agora Tower was initiated by HB Reavis, a company specializing in real estate development, which acts here as the principal. It was this company that called on the skills of Art Front Hungary for the interior design of the German group’s offices, with the aim of materializing its desire to create a balanced, healthy and stimulating working environment for its employees.

An interior design aimed at refocusing the individual at the heart of his environmental setting

The interior layout drew great inspiration from the location and environment of the tower itself, situated in the heart of Budapest. The human factor was also a central concern for Art Front Hungary, who developed the concept of “human sustainability” as the driving force behind the design of the workspaces. The realization of this dual approach is reflected in the integration of abundant vegetation in each space and the installation of felt-covered ceilings to ensure a pleasant acoustic experience. The central core of the building is made up of a sequence of meeting rooms and open-plan offices, surrounded by a pathway of individual and collective open spaces.

Soltis Touch Color presents itself as a solution for regulating the passage of light

However, the central issue in office design is light management. In fact, the location of the AGORA tower offers users the opportunity to contemplate unrivalled panoramas of the city of Budapest, while benefiting from abundant natural light thanks to the multiple glazed openings present. To regulate this luminous entrance, Art Front Hungary opted for Serge Ferrari’s Soltis Touch 1% and 5% fabrics. Given that the four façades of the tower are not oriented in the same way in terms of light intensity, the interior designers chose different degrees of fabric opening to adjust to variations in luminosity. For example, Soltis Touch 1% was selected to ensure better glare management in the most exposed areas, while Soltis Touch 5% favours greater natural light penetration and increased transparency in less brightly lit areas.

Soltis Touch Color : Improving well-being at work thanks to a more pleasant atmosphere

Interior roller blinds with Soltis Touch Color provide complete protection for people working in offices, guaranteeing ideal visual comfort for screen-based tasks. In addition to its light-regulating functions, Soltis Touch Color also provides heat filtration, helping to maintain a constant, pleasant temperature, even at the hottest times of the year.
Last but not least, Soltis Touch Color plays a beneficial role in terms of acoustic absorption, improving the sound comfort of working environments, thus promoting greater productivity and enhanced well-being.


Owner HB Reavis

Architect and interior design Art Front Hungary Kft

Fabrication Cenlox

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