Vertical closed Shutter with Soltis Touch Jasmin in the living room

Vertical blinds

Explore our Soltis line of fabrics dedicated to vertical blinds! Combining high performance and resistance with sleek design, they will fit in beautifully in any interior and help you adjust ambient light levels inside each room.

What are vertical blinds?

Also known as Californian blinds, vertical blinds are a staple of modern-day interiors. Long used in professional environments, especially office spaces, they are now becoming increasingly widespread in private homes. With their resolutely clean aesthetics, they are an elegant solution to dress a window that will add a contemporary touch to any interior.

Due to the width of headrails, vertical blinds can be used to cover up larger glazed surfaces: picture windows, conservatories, arched windows or even trapeze windows. Rotating 180 degrees, the overlapping slats let you modulate with precision the amount of natural light inside a room (filtering it or blocking it out entirely) and reduce heat gain, while shielding you from unwanted eyes.

Californian blinds are very easy to use. They can be opened and closed manually, by pulling a weighted drawstring, or operated automatically with a remote control.

How do I choose my vertical blinds?

The first element to consider when choosing vertical blinds is the dimensions of the windows for which they are intended. Then, you’ll need to select the right fabric, as that will determine performance in terms of natural light filtration and thermal insulation.

For a living room or dining room, pick a sheer screen, which will provide maximum natural light. For a conservatory or if your room faces south, you might prefer a shading or heat-blocking fabric to keep the room cool and diffuse light rather than obstruct it completely. And for a bedroom, a blackout fabric is a great choice that will allow you to spend your nights in complete darkness!

What are the advantages of Soltis fabrics?

Developed by Serge Ferrari Group, our Soltis line of high-performance solar protection fabrics consists of specially coated polyester-woven membranes. Glare protection, transparency, opacity, thermal performance and acoustic comfort — Soltis fabrics are durable and designed to address any kind of challenge.

Available in a broad range of colours, Soltis fabrics are compatible with any type of indoor and outdoor blinds, and ideally suited to all your needs. Are you looking for the perfect fabric to design vertical blinds for a conservatory? Learn more about Soltis Loop Sunmate! Made from 100% recycled materials, it filters light and blocks up to 91% of heat. Another great option is Soltis 92 Color and Alu, which acts as an effective thermal barrier blocking up to 97% of heat. And for your bedroom, take a look at our Soltis 99 Opaque Alu, which delivers opacity up to 140,000 lux.

First, unclip each slat individually from the headrail.
Dust using a feather duster.
Then clean each slat with warm water and soap using a damp cloth.
Rinse the slats using a cloth dampened with clear water.
Wipe away any excess water on both sides of the slats using a soft cloth.
Hang back the slats on the rail and leave the blinds open until dry.

Need the help of a professional maintaining your blinds? Call an expert from our Serge Ferrari Premium Partner network!

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